Saturday, 30 January 2016

Tess Van Zalinge

After working backstage for the 2016 Amsterdam Fashion Week show I thought I would dive into the brand of the AMFI graduate. 

As a graduate from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Tess van Zalinge will have strong knowledge of creating a tight and compelling concept. It is this that has ensured her success since finishing at AMFI in 2012 and has gained her a place showing her A/W ’16 collection at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Tess is currently a designer for both a ready-to-wear lingerie line and her very own Tess van Zalinge line. Lola + Lou is a lingerie line for the everyday use created for the bold, daring girls. Her own brand is used to really express herself through feelings and creativity and as we see in her new collection she really uses this freedom to her own advantage. I got to see close up the merge of lingerie and fashion Tess has created by getting the honour to work backstage with her at the MBAFW. 

Tess shows the pride she has in the Netherlands and the people who created their own unique landscape. For this reason the name of the concept for this collection is ‘Geschapen Land | Landschap’ – translated as ‘Created Land | Landscape.’ Inspired by the typical Dutch landscape and the book ‘Moet Kunnen’ by Herman Pleij, Tess created a clean, aesthetic lingerie line with designs that could be too pretty to hide away. She has used the natural tones featuring the blue sky and the green meadows over the Dutch horizon resulting in the alluring prints over each of the pieces. She has experimented with the bar between underwear and outwear, from floor-sweeping skirts to delicate lace bras. The intricate outfits have been created using an exquisite selection of materials, from satin socks to a beaded shoulder piece. Not only is the fresh style clear in the collection but the young, angelic models suited the overall tone, with freckled faces and fluffy hair in a typical Dutch youth look. The result…a beautiful spectacle of Dutch pride and the feeling of updating your lingerie wardrobe. 

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