Thursday, 10 December 2015

An Anecdote A Day...

Placed on the charming 9 Straatjes of Amsterdam I came across this little gem of uplifting quotes and encouraging memories and wanted to dive deeper into its dreamy little world. 

Concepts are used all around us and just when you think everything has been done you come across a small corner of our world that proves you wrong. That small corner is Anecdote. Situated on one of the infamous 9 Streets in Amsterdam the store was developed in 2009 by some AMFI graduates who came together to share a stunning idea – clothing designed with memories in mind. This Dutch ready-to-wear brand features collections based on the personal stories of the designer and results in clothing that encourages you to share these every day memories with her. These can be going to work to, simply, walking your dog. When asked, one of the store managers said that their aim was “not to produce high fashion but, instead, to create clothing for everyday occasions.” The clothing and store subtly shows inspiration from nature, travel and new cultures, as well as keeping their heritage and friends close to their hearts. As you walk through the store you stumble across these little ‘anecdotes’ offering that personal touch you often don’t see in the world today. 

In a world where we are able to share at the click of our fingers the idea of something being ‘personal’ is lost. Social media has become over-sharing, almost trying to show-off a life we don’t realistically have. In the real world people have become closed off with the thought that they are not able to adhere to the high quality life others seem to have. Our lives now move so quickly we are rarely able to recognise personal aspects of it anymore and the small parts of it that really matter. The Anecdote store gives us a refresh button amongst a hectic lifestyle where you can take the time to slow down and realise what moments are the most important. 

Anecdote is a gentle contrast to the acceleration we experience. By giving us an insight into the designer’s lifestyle we can learn from this brand that we shouldn’t take for granted even the most minimal snippets of our existence. Showing that she takes time to look at what she is thankful for she is able to produce good quality clothing that actually has a complex meaning to it and will therefore still hold a meaning to whoever wears it. 

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